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Bruxism Teeth Grinding Cure

Bruxism - Teeth Grinding - Gnashing - Jaw Clenching
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Cure your bruxism(teeth grinding - gnashing - jaw clenching) permanently. Do not delay, follow this self-learning Program to achieve ultimate results. I want to share with you the solution for your teeth grinding and jaw clenching problem.
Did a housemate or significant other tell you about your disturbing nightly teeth grinding? Do you suffer from a painful neck and jaw, headaches or earaches when you wake up? Have your teeth become more sensitive? If so, you may be one of the millions of people suffering from bruxism.
All forms of bruxism involve vertical and/or lateral jaw movements with forceful contact between the biting surfaces of the upper and lower teeth at non-meal hours.
Bruxism is commonly classified as a sleep disorder (sleep bruxism). When asleep, bruxers (grinders - clenchers) have no control over this condition thus increasing considerably their biting force and damage. During waking hours bruxism also occurs to a lesser degree.
To diagnose bruxism, a dental examination performed preferably by a bruxism specialist is required to differentiate this disease from other oral behavior or health disorders that have similar symptoms or painful effects. Your dentist would detect abnormal wear, loose, fractured, cracked or chipped teeth, gum damage, abnormal bite, joint dysfunction, inflamed muscles, etc.
Most people are often unaware they suffer from bruxism and sometimes it takes years for symptoms to appear. The majority of bruxers are diagnosed too late, when damage has already occurred.
Stop teeth grinding now! Don't let bruxism destroy your precious dental enamel, the hardest tissue of the human body. Unlike other tissues, it cannot regenerate itself and no dentist can restore it.
There's an erroneous popular belief that enamel wears away (attrition) mostly from chewing food. The yearly wear rate of enamel from normal chewing is minimal compared to the irreversible damage caused by the abnormal jaw movements and destructive forces of bruxism.
Another variation of bruxism is jaw clenching. This happens when you clamp very tightly your upper and lower teeth together. This may cause severe damage to your teeth and the TMJ (temporomandibular joint - the hinge of the jaw).
Jaw clenching and teeth grinding, may lead to TMD (temporomandibular disorder). TMD is a dysfunction of the TMJ (temporomandibular joint). The abbreviations TMD and TMJ are commonly related to bruxism but it has not been demonstrated yet, whether bruxism causes TMD or vice versa. This is still a matter of discussion amongst medical and dental authorities. TMDs are not always caused by jaw clenching and teeth grinding.
In order to have a pleasant reading and while coming to an informed decision about the solution to your bruxing problem, please try the following exercise to relax your jaw and diminish your abnormal tendency to clench and grind that perhaps has been affecting you for a long time.
The exercise:
Take a deep breath and relax your jaw and all facial muscles, keeping your mouth closed and teeth apart. Place the tip of your tongue right behind your upper front teeth and against the palate exerting a slight upward pressure.
You deserve a healthy body and an excellent quality of life. The solution is in your hands, you owe it to yourself!
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